Step 1: Register with USA Water Polo (USWP)

Registration with USA Water Polo is required for all athletes and coaches. USWP is the national governing body for our sport. More about USWP here. Yearly memberships begin January 1 and end December 31 of each year.

You will need your USWP Membership ID number before continuing on to Step 2.

To register for USWP:

  • Go to the USWP registration page
  • There are four membership options:
    • Gold Athlete $120.00 – allows participation in all USAWP affiliated events. Gold is required for athletes participating in our JO Program or USWP’s Olympic Development Program (ODP).
    • Silver Athlete $82.00 – allows participation in practice and sanctioned games (excludes National contests and ODP).
    • Bronze Athlete $40.00 – same privileges as Silver however is only valid for some (not all) local sanctioned tournaments.
    • Trial Athlete $0.00 – a free 14-day trial membership for first time players only. This membership is only available once in a lifetime as a first-time membership. After two weeks with a date range chosen at registration, athletes must upgrade to at least a Bronze level to continue participation. 
  • Turlock United Water Polo is USWP #354
  • Athletes continuing after the 14-day trial period must return to USWP website to upgrade membership accordingly.
  • Be sure to write down your USWP Membership ID number for Step 2

Step 2: Register with Turlock United Water Polo Club

All participants MUST complete the Step 2 Summer Program registration form.

Please be careful to list names, DOBs, email addresses and phone numbers carefully. Misspelled email addresses will delay correspondence.


Upcoming programs

  • 2019-20 Winter Program (HS Boys, HS Girls, Pre-HS Mixed)
  • 2020 Spring Program (Pre-HS mixed)
  • 2020 Summer Program (HS Boys, Pre-HS Mixed & HS Girls pending water/coach availability)
  • 2020 Fall Open Pool (Pre-HS mixed)